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Serial Killers Uncut

I love to read. I have read many books over the 40+ years of my life and one of my favorite pastimes is to peruse the local book store and look in the best seller lists and the bargain bins. You could say that every time I went to the book store, I was wearing blinders. I was merely interested in the books that were written by the authors I have known about and if they were on the “well known newspapers best selling list”. Lots to choose from but I thought I had my sure bets by buying the books from the well known. Don't get me wrong, I have read a lot of great stories from these people but little did I know how many other books and authors are out there till I got my phone and used the Amazon Kindle app.

I was blown away at the selection and options I had to choose from. Yea sure its just the same in the brick and mortar stores but being able to go from one genre to the next without lifting off my seat was fantastic. Basically what this has done has opened up a whole new world of authors and books that I would have probably not read if I just restricted myself to the best seller list at my local store.

Which brings me to an author who I really enjoy reading his books. J.A. Konrath. I found his collaboration book with Blake Crouch, “Serial Killers Uncut” by Amazon recommending that book to me after I read the Ed Gein story. I have a fascination with serial killers. The book was 3.99 so I thought cheap enough, like buying a big bag of potato chips. No second thought. From the introduction of the characters in the book and the links to where they showed up in previous works was something I have never seen before and I was hooked. The stories can be pretty gruesome but with the humor that is added in, you don't really get sick to your stomach. The stories flow through each other like hot butter through fresh popped popcorn. You can't stop! I really enjoyed reading this book and it was the gateway book to a catalog full of well written and scary fucking stories from Konrath.

I don't pretend to be a great reviewer and don't really care either, but I do love giving people props who I believe deserve it and Konrath is one of them! His books really opened a new world of reading and exposed me to the “self publishing” world of books. Believe me, there are a ton of great books out there written by some well known and not so known authors, as you all know, my other favorite is Cassandra Duffy with her Raven Series, and without these authors, I will admit my mind wouldn't be as open to reading material that wasn't so readily available. I urge you to check out these writers and support them by buying their books and reviewing them when and where you can. Trust me, they will appreciate it!



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