Actors Trying To Imitate Boston Accents

Writing Challenge Friday over at once again had a challenging topic – “Describe one thing, 10 different ways”

I recently read the epic novel “Mystic River” written by Dennis Lehane. Awesome book by the way. I knew there was a movie made so I had to see if it lived up to the book. Obviously it didn’t but what irked me is the way the actors try to imitate a Boston accent. Being a Boston native, I can tell you that we DO NOT sound like that and why do they try – if you want an authentic movie based in Boston, hire Boston actors!

Anyway, my list of 10 ways to describe one thing revolves around that pet peeve of mine…

“When actors try to imitate a Boston accent in a movie”

In no particular order

1) It’s like a hound dog trying to whistle

2) Its not wicked pissa

3) It’s like pulling teeth without any novacaine

4) It’s like understanding Charlie Brown’s parents

5) It’s like trailer trash speaking fluent french

6) It’s like totally going against your gut feeling

7) It’s like Snooki and the whole cast of “Jersey Shore” having a serious conversation while stoned

8) It’s like a burglar getting caught taking a shower in the same house he just robbed

9) It’s like little old ladies gossiping to each other using bullhorns

10) Fran Drescher’s laugh in the show ” The Nanny”

11) A misconstrued fart?

12) Bob Dylan singing – anything!


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