Gunfighters, Gearheads and Lesbians – Oh My!



The Slark has invaded earth, cities are running rampant with gunfighters, gamblers, prostitutes and criminals. We are carefully thrown back into the Wild West but now we are armed with Automatic Weapons. Tombstone is the home to a variable cast of characters and the battleground for freedom. Peace and love in this post-apocalyptic world is hard to come by but  staying alive is your number one priority.
I don’t remember how I came across The Gunfighter and The Gearhead, but the title intrigued me as I have been looking for something different other than a mystery to read. The cover boasted a sexy woman in a cowboy hat and guns by her side and it was listed as lesbian fiction. I said to myself, this has to be good!  
From the first sentence we meet Ramen, a flying robotic dragonfly, and I was hooked.
The opening scene we find Gieo, (The Gearhead) piloting her steam-powered dirigible through the Arizona Desert. It is here we meet The Slark, an alien race of lizards that had invaded earth and destroyed the United States. The Slark shoot her down but she survives.
Now we meet Fiona, (The Gunfighter)  the ex Victoria Secret model , barreling through the Cochise Badlands at over 100 miles per hour in her modified muscle car. A car made up of two old muscle cars and powered by repurposed Slark fighter engine. A badass car for a badass woman.
Fiona and Gieo meet for the first time and Fiona reluctantly rescues Gieo from the crash site. Gieo is brainy and spunky, Fiona is hard and tough. I personally think it was love at first sight!
Now I am not going to spoil anything from the rest of the story but the setup of the two main characters is classic and +Cassandra Duffy  has a great way of writing her characters and having their personalities and faults come right off the page.
In Tombstone we meet a host of likeable and not so likeable characters. The introduction to The Ravens is brought forth and the pasts of Fiona and Gieo are slowly revealed. The story flows through the pages and you just don’t want to put it down. The fight for freedom from The Slark and the tiring way of trying to stay alive. Its all in here.
I highly recommend this book and the other two in the series.

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